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Saudi Arabian United Float Glass Company set to become first Carbon NeutralCompany in Yanbu

Business Sustainability

Abu Dhabi-based Emirates Palace Marina has committed to measuring its impact on the environment and has enlisted our services.

Carbon Foot-Printing

We have just completed the Carbon Footprint for Atlantis the Palm.

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Being Carbon Neutral is an opportunity to increase your profitability enhance your reputation and reduces costs

Leading global companies have universally adopted sustainability policies because it's good for business as well as good for the environment and good for their long term future.

This includes all the major UK banks, car manufacturers, insurers & retailers.

For most businesses the benefits of positively taking up the opportunity to develop and maintain a sustainability program out-weight the costs both in time and money

  • Understanding your energy use and going through the process of an assessment identifies operational and cost inefficiencies
  • Having a sustainability and environmental policy attracts new customers and avoids loss of existing ones thereby expanding your customer base ¹
  • Being Carbon Neutral is a recognised way to enhance your brand and reputation
  • Adopting environmental and sustainability programs ahead of regulation and competition defines a company as strategically environmentally committed and ethical
  • Being part of the Carbon Neutral business circle is good for employee retention and staff morale
  • As consumers and commercial purchasers become better and more committed to identifying and differentiating between suppliers on environmental performance, benefits will improve more and more in time
  • Planning your carbon management strategy now can allow you to hedge the likely risk of your future carbon costs increasing dramatically in the next few years ²
  • Preparing for regulation in advance avoids the stress, time and expense of adapting under pressure
  • Public pressure for companies to be held to account will continue to lead to an increasingly commercially punitive system for businesses that fail to adapt ³
  • Many companies now take the environmental record of their suppliers into account during procurement decisions and have developed supply chain CSR policies

We can help you to understand the carbon markets and the opportunities it presents, deal with legislation, arrange for a cost effective survey of your carbon footprint, and help you calculate, reduce and offset your business emissions.

1: (Yougov August 2011) 41 % of respondents in a survey agreed to a strong sense of personal responsibility in dealing with climate change. 2: The UK government has set a price of £12 per ton of GHG under its proposed CRC scheme for 2012 increasing to £16 per ton in two years. 3: (Guardian August 2011) 84% of respondents think that companies should be penalised for failing to care for the environment.
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