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Saudi Arabian United Float Glass Company set to become first Carbon NeutralCompany in Yanbu

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Abu Dhabi-based Emirates Palace Marina has committed to measuring its impact on the environment and has enlisted our services.

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We have just completed the Carbon Footprint for Atlantis the Palm.

Manasi River Hydropower

Country: China

Description: 50MW run-of-river hydropower project on the Manasi River

Xinjiang Manasi Hydropower Project is a 50MW run-of-river hydropower project located on the Manasi River in Manasi County of Shihezi City, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, China. It will generate an annual on-grid electricity supply of 187.11 GWh to 2013 and subsequently 212.85 GWh starting from 2014. The project will be connected to the Xinjiang Grid, and then to the Northwest China Grid.

The area covered by the Northwest China Grid is abundant with coal resources and thermal power plants are the major power source the Grid. The project has a combination of positive environmental, economic, and sustainable development benefits. The project will displace a part of the thermal power in the Northwest China Grid by making use of clean and renewable energy.

The construction and operation of the proposed project will ease up the local shortage of power supply, and the electricity generated by the proposed project will replace a part of the electricity originally generated by coal-fired generating units and thus the local environmental pollutions will be mitigated. As well as this the project created job opportunities, an average labor force of 1,600 were employed during the project construction period of 2.5 years, and 85 permanent staff positions are needed during the operation and maintenance period.

In terms of environmental and power benefits, the proposed project supports China's policy of harnessing zero-impact renewable energy resources. The social, economic and environmental benefits contribute to the Strategy of Developing the Western Region, and emphasis on the important sustainable benefits of this proposed CDM activity to the country and region.