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Saudi Arabian United Float Glass Company set to become first Carbon NeutralCompany in Yanbu

Business Sustainability

Abu Dhabi-based Emirates Palace Marina has committed to measuring its impact on the environment and has enlisted our services.

Carbon Foot-Printing

We have just completed the Carbon Footprint for Atlantis the Palm.

Hindalco Hirakud Waste Gas Destruction

Country: India

Vintage: 2007

Delivery: Spot via VCS Registry

Description: Waste gas destruction at an aluminum smelter

This project focuses on utilizing environmentally friendly technology at an aluminum smelter in India.

The primary aim of the project is to reduce harmful PFCs. (Per fluorocarbon gases). These gases are emitted during the anode effect at the smelter. The project converted HSS technology to Point Fed Prebake technology (PFPB), which resulted in the following emissions reductions from:

Reduction in PFCs emission from anode effect mitigation.

Improvement in electrical energy efficiency leading to equivalent carbon-dioxide emission reduction from the sources of power generation.

This project is registered with the United Nations Framework Convention of Climate Change (UNFCCC).