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Saudi Arabian United Float Glass Company set to become first Carbon NeutralCompany in Yanbu

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Abu Dhabi-based Emirates Palace Marina has committed to measuring its impact on the environment and has enlisted our services.

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We have just completed the Carbon Footprint for Atlantis the Palm.

Gansu Huanghe Bingling Hydropower

Country: China

Description: New Hydropower station at the main stream of the Yellow River

The Gansu Huanghe Bingling Hydropower Station Project involves the construction of a new hydroelectric power project at the main stream of the Yellow River at the border of Yongjing County and Jishishan County of Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture in Gansu Province, China.

The main objective of the project is to generate power from clean renewable hydro power in Gansu Province and contribute to the sustainability of power generation of the North West China Grid. The hydropower station will install 5 bulb-type propeller turbines with an individual capacity of 48 MW each amounting to a total combined installed capacity of 240 MW. The project involves an integrated dam/powerhouse design utilizing the natural water flow of the river, limited storage capacity (less than one day) and medium head. The project will involve the construction of a dam with a maximum height of 61 meters which includes five flood gates and three sand sluices. The powerhouse is integrated in the dam with the turbines installed at the base of the dam in the river bed.

Average water flow at the project location is 703 m3/s, while the head available for power generation is 16.1 meters. The project has a design water flow capacity of 1660 m3/s which results in expected effective operating hours (corrected for full load operation) of 4,058 hrs. The expected net annual power supply to the grid is 954.088 million kWh.