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Saudi Arabian United Float Glass Company set to become first Carbon NeutralCompany in Yanbu

Business Sustainability

Abu Dhabi-based Emirates Palace Marina has committed to measuring its impact on the environment and has enlisted our services.

Carbon Foot-Printing

We have just completed the Carbon Footprint for Atlantis the Palm.

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How to become Carbon Neutral

We can take you through the process in a cost effective simple way and take you through Certification if you choose:

Calculating emissions

A clear boundary must be set for emissions calculated in terms of the gases and sources included, the organisational context and the extent to which responsibility is accepted.

Reducing Emissions

We work with you to evaluate what internal emissions reductions you can make for instance with energy efficiencies, altered and improved business practices and new equipment.

Offsetting Residual Emissions

Having followed the first two stages an accurate assessment can be made to determine the amount of Carbon Offset required to become Carbon Neutral, with an additional buffer ensuring that your business is beneficial to the environment and Carbon Neutral.

Communicating Carbon Neutrality

It is important to provide clear information on the emissions measured, reductions made and offsets purchased, and actively promote this to potential and existing customers.

This process needs to be carried out on an annual basis, in preparation for inclusion in mandatory reporting.